Laser srl for more than fifteen years has been working successfully in the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment for the confectionery and bakery products.

Born from years of experience and qualified people who have worked in the bakery, confectionery and biscuits, capturing all the nuances, understanding all the needs, Laser is a constantly growingreality in Italy and worldwide, is a real dynamic company able to provide a complete service from design to consulting, from sales to pre-and post-sale service of complete industrial plants

Laser is a constantly changing reality in Italy and in the world. We are a real dynamic company able to guarantee a complete service, from design to consulting, from sales to pre and post-sales of complete industrial plants.

The Laser production program includes complete automatic plants high productivity index for biscuits, pastries and breads, designed and manufactured with the use of innovative technologies and excellent materials.

The numerous and important statements reached in Italy and around the world confirm the high technological level, the highest expression of quality and absolute reliability achieved.

LASER is able to offer a wide range of machines and ovens for the production of all types of biscuits.

We design, manufacture and install industrial machines for kneading, biscuits co-extruded machines, industrial tunnel ovens, industrialmixer for bread, industrial cooling tunnel…