Coextruder for filled biscuits

A single machine able to ofer the best solution for the production of biscuits filled with jam or cream, having different sizes and weights.

Automatic machine for the production of biscuits filled with jam or cream. The strong structure is built in anodized aluminium and stainless steel. Each handling is operated by motors controlled by converter in order to have a wider range of possible adjustments.

The positioning of the product on the baking-pan is precise thanks to the use of a mechanical cam
syncronized with the movement of the diaphragms of cut. The extraction’s operations of the fillerblock and the mixer are very easy thanks to a clever mechanism. The filling’s unit run, from the hopper to the mixer, is entirely built in stainless steel as all the guards that cover the machine.

The speed of production goes from 20 to 60 strokes per minute according to the type of extruded product. The machine is built according to the technical and sanitary rules in force. Coextruder and wire cutted Biscuits

“Coextruded and wire cutted biscuits” brochures