Dough feeder for soft biscuits

Dough feeding system which includes a conveyor with crumbling device and a dough feeding conveyor to rotary moulder machine. The dough feeding system receives the dough directly from one or more horizontal mixers,transports the dough to crumbling unit which crumbles the e dough in small pieces trough 2 rotating star groups.

Both carters and safety protections are made of painted steel. Conveyors and crumbling stars speeds are independent and controlled by mechanical speed variators. The dough feeding conveyor is prepared to be assembled a metal detector with an automatic discharge of contaminated dough. All parts in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel or plastic material of alimentary use according to FDA rules.

The conveyor belts are in alimentary plastic material approved by FDA rulles and they can be easily replaced. Machine manufactured in compliance with the sanitary and safety rules.

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