Industrial lamination line

Hard biscuits and crackers

Lamination lines for hard biscuits, crackers and similar products according to customer needs, products technological characteristics and available space

The cut sheet laminator allows to produce automatically crackers and laminated products by controlling the number of layers and the thickness of each layer. Each parameter of laminator is adjustable. We can offer tailor-made lamination lines with different configurations of them.

The laminators can reduce the thickness of the sheet to obtain the needed product. The thickness adjustment is done manually through screw jackets operated by hand wheels. The calibrator left and right adjustments allow a better control of the final thickness through gravity indicators.

The rotary cutter machine, placed after relaxing belt, cuts the biscuits shape into the dough sheet through one or two mechanically or electronically synchronized cutting rollers. Possibility to obtain products with central holes like pretzels and similar. A lateral or central scraps return conveyor conveys the scraps to the feeding hopper of the three-cylinder machine.

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