Rotary moulding machine

Soft Biscuits and Shortbread products

Rotary moulding machine is used for soft dough produscts with two indipendent drives with variable speeds: one for grooved roller and forming roller and the second one for transport belt. The strong main frame and the wide choice of optional features assure high performances for industrial biscuits plants

The machine is equipped with castor wheels for easy movement during the cleaning and adjustable feets for leveling during the working sessions. Manual conveyor belt tensioning device and pneumatic conveyor belt centering device. Feeding hopper is overturnable for easy cleaning and forming roller changeover.

Through a mechanical device by hand wheels is possible to adjust the gap between grooved roller and forming roller, the knife height,the position of the pressure roller and the belt tension. Electromechanic control panel on board. Machine manufactured in compliance with the sanitary and safety rules.

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