Sponge cake and dropped cookies

It is suitable to prepare liquid or cream dough. Strong structure completely made in stainless steel AISI 304. Double-jacketed tank to allow the liquid circulation to heat or cool the dough. Hemispherical bottom for a complete dough unloading. The volumetric capacity of the tank is around 220 liters.

The horizontal mixing shovels are equipped with a variable speed motor controlled by one inverter. Possibility to set the mixing phases with different times and speeds. Cover made in stainless steel and equipped with: N.01 entrance for the loading of powder ingredients (such as flour, sugar, starch, milk), N. 02 entrances for the loading of liquid ingredients (such as water, eggs, oil, glucose), N. 01 a big hole with cover to inspect the tank, this hole also allows the manual loading of ingredients

Automatic discharging valve. Mono-screw volumetric discharging pump suitable for alimentary use. Vertical Filter made in AISI 304 fit on the pipe at tank exit. Installed power on the shovels: 4 Kw. Control panel with PLC able to fix the working parameters according to the type of dough to obtain.

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