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Laser srl for more than fifteen years has been working successfully in the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment for the confectionery and bakery products.

Born from years of experience and qualified people who have worked in the bakery, confectionery and biscuits, capturing all the nuances, understanding all the needs, Laser is a constantly growingreality in Italy and worldwide, is a real dynamic company able to provide a complete service from design to consulting, from sales to pre-and post-sale service of complete industrial plants


Company Laser - the Group

Laser Srl is not only a manufacturing company working in the bakery field, nowadays it has become a group of companies linked with a common passion: design and produce industrial plant for the bakery products, more performant and modern. Because of this inside Laser Group we can find different companies related to the national and international market.


The firm Baking Srl is a workshop specialized in all mechanical works like lases cutting, metal sheet bending and welding, and generally all the metal sheets handling and transformation. Located in Verona province, the company is manufacturing tunnel ovens, rack ovens and mechanical components for the bakery industry since more than 20 years. The management boasts half century of experience in the construction of tunnel ovens and rack ovens also for third parties. Equipped with modern machineries BAKING Srl can provide all the necessary operation necessary to manufacture tunnel ovens, flag product of Laser Srl, maintaining short and safe delivery times.


The workshop company PMB Srl has been founded in the summer of 2009 with the main scope to supply the mother company Laser srl all the high precision mechanical components resulting from the turning and light carpentry processes. Since then the company has expanded to more areas of light engineering becoming a real machine shop capable of working independently and CNC turning, milling, cutting, welding, and carpentry.


To to meet a market increasingly globalized and competitive Laser Ltd. has sought a partner to create a successful new business in one of the most populated countries in the world: India. With the help of Arun Engineering Works, producer of rotary ovens and machinery for semi-industrial bread and cakes products, Laser Ltd. has created an Italian-Indian joint venture with the aim to build tunnel ovens for the Indian market and surrounding countries. The Italian design, combined affordability of labor and raw materials in India allows us to offer the market an innovative product and at the same time more competitive from an economic standpoint, keeping the construction standards of the typical brand Laser srl. The insulating materials, special steels with high resistance to corrosion and heat, the burners and other key components are imported to ensure a product that meets the standards.