Commonly known as confectionery shortbread biscuit (very fragile), these are produced with short pastry which is very rich in fats and sugars, and therefore very soft. Confectionery shortbread biscuits are produced on roller depositing machines whose extrusion and forming heads can be diversified into: continuous extrusion (grooved biscuit), wire cut mould (wire cut biscuits), fixing die and twisting die (petit-four, rings, etc.)

Liquid dough biscuits.

This category is a variant of the previous one: the biscuits are known as drop confectionery biscuits (sponge biscuits, amaretti, mini-queen cakes, etc.) and these are also usually very fragile;however the dough for drop biscuits come from very different recipes. What they have in common is the consistency of the dough which is almost liquid. Drop biscuits are formed by machines known as roller, piston or pump depositing machines. Also wafers, ice-cream cones and other confectionery products belong to the category of deposited confectionery biscuits.

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