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Industrial Machinery and Equipment for Biscuit, Pastry and Bakery Productions




Laser srl has been successfully operating for over twenty five years in the manufacture of machinery and systems for the confectionery and bakery products industry.

Born from the multi-year and qualified experience of people who have worked in the bakery, pastry and biscuit sector, grasping all the nuances, understanding all the needs, Laser is a constantly evolving reality in Italy and in the world, it is a real dynamic company able to ensure a complete service, from design to consultancy, from sales to pre and post-sales assistance for complete industrial plants.

A completely Italian production, with three locations in the Province of Verona (Italy): 

laser headquarter

Santa Maria di Zevio – Verona

Headquarters, Automatic CNC, Assembly Area, Milling Station, Overhouse – 3.500 smq


laser headquarter

Santa Maria di Zevio – Verona

Waterjet, Assembly Area, Welding and Overhouse – 1.500 smq


laser headquarter

Buttapietra – Verona

Tunnel Oven Production, Cutting and Bending Stations and Overhouse – 3.000 smq


25 laser


Through this section you can follow the stages of production directly from within our company. Everything is made in Italy, in our various locations. From the project, to the processing of materials, to assembly, to automation test, to packaging.

laser headquarter
roller of the rotary moulder
laser headquarter
laser headquarter
laser headquarter
laser headquarter
laser headquarter
4 meters tunnel oven
25 laser




The Laser wide range of machinery includes complete automatic systems with a high productivity yield for biscuits, pastry and bread, designed and manufactured with the use of innovative technologies and excellent materials.

The numerous and important successes achieved in Italy and in the world confirm the high technological level, the highest qualitative expression and the absolute reliability achieved.

LASER srl is able to offer a wide range of industrial machines and ovens for the automatic production of all types of biscuits, bread, pastry.

We design, manufacture and install machines for industrial biscuits production, industrial bread production lines, mixing machines, industrial tunnel ovens, industrial cooling tunnels…

The company owns a workshop specialized in all mechanical works like laser cutting, metal sheet bending and welding, and generally all the metal sheets handling and transformation. Located in Verona, Italy. Laser is manufacturing tunnel ovens, rack ovens and mechanical components for the bakery industry since more than 25 years. The management boasts half century of experience in the construction of tunnel ovens and rack ovens also for third parties. Equipped with modern machineries Laser srl can provide all the necessary operation necessary to manufacture tunnel ovens, flag product, maintaining short and safe delivery times.


THE ULTIMATE solution for YOUR biscuit production


Classification of biscuits according to the dough and forming machine biscuits are confectionery products and as such, by simple definition, cover the entire varied category of sweet foods. If we exclude ice cream and all garnishing products (jams and creams, etc.), most confectionery products require a generic baking process during their preparation.


Biscuits are baked in the oven so that, like all baked products, they are described as bakery products. We can conclude that the term biscuit identifies an bakery product which is famously sweet, dry (moisture content below 5%), crumbly and traditionally small in size.


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roller of the rotary moulder

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Laser srl for more than 25 years has been working successfully in the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment for the confectionery and bakery products.
Born from years of experience and qualified people who have worked in the bakery, confectionery and biscuits, capturing all the nuances, understanding all the needs, Laser is a constantly growingreality in Italy and worldwide, is a real dynamic company able to provide a complete service from design to consulting, from sales to pre-and post-sale service of complete industrial plants.

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